Once a person or group no longer believes in the state of future rewards and punishments, that individual or crowd are likely not to seek salvation through Christ Jesus, and most probably will determine that they have no sin for which to repent.

It seems much of the modern Church has left off the preaching of repentance and salvation, with a new approach adopted, where there is no need for repentance, but only good deeds are required and a nominal acclimation to the teachings of Christ.

An immoral-majority of America has forsaken tried and true moral deportment for self-seeking, self-gratifying indulgence. Without concern for the general welfare of our nation, these are blown to and fro by the winds of change, and lead astray multitudes on an ever-shifting landscape of moral turpitude, offering little to no hope for our posterity. This immoral-majority wishes to silence the moral-minority, constituted, as far as the former is concerned, by hatemongers, the politically insensitive, bigots, and the self-righteous.

Truly, we now have a national religion in the United States, one that is polytheistic, and affords an umbrella of protection for our ever growing polymorphously perverse society. A culture where anything goes, and as Cole Porter wrote in 1934, “The world has gone mad today and good’s bad today.”[1]

I believe there is no doubt that what once was considered wholesome, venerable and worthy of great effort by most Americans, is now thought of as plebeian and contemptible. The Bible which was respected as containing the Righteousness of God, has been ridiculed, derided and diluted to make sinners (sinners in and outside the Church) comfortable in their practiced transgressions.

Yet, nonetheless, the Bible instructs us to repent.[2] But if sin has been done away with then there is nothing to repent for, at least that is the slippery slope taken by the teachings of the immoralists of today.

Every sinful behavior has a group or movement to champion its cause, to defend its place in America, with little concern where it will lead US, only that it feels and seems right. America finds herself in the same position as Israel in the time of the Judges, where “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”[3]

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